Analysing the healthcare industry from any perspective is most effectively performed with reliable and comprehensive research data.

At Borderless Access, we understand this need for the highest quality data that is a true representation of reality. We enable this with our healthcare research panels, the keystone of our healthcare market research services.

Borderless Access Healthcare Panel’s diverse set of respondents comprises physicians (general practitioners, lifestyle disease specialists, etc.), allied healthcare professionals and patients in key geographies. With our panels, you can confidently gain comprehensive healthcare respondent coverage across the globe.

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Panel Features

Key Aspects That Define Our Healthcare Panels

  • Reliability: Incisive Profiling, Agile Referencing and Authentication let you carry out complex healthcare-related market research with confidence.
  • Size: Access to over 698,550 healthcare respondents through our proprietary healthcare panels.
  • Respondent Diversity: Get comprehensive healthcare respondent coverage with our healthcare panel, consisting of healthcare professionals (HCP), medical ancillaries, patients
  • Experience: With a combined experience of over 25 years in managing healthcare market research projects, our team is adapt at offering end-to-end research and advisory services to global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Expansive Panel Community

Our strong global panel has a balanced composition of:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Allied medical professionals (pharmacists, caregivers/nurses, hospital administrators, pathology lab technicians, etc.)
  • Niche industry players (key opinion leaders (KOLs), health benefit managers, industry experts, etc.
  • Patients across growing and developed economies

Strong Data Security and Privacy Measures

  • ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Adverse event reporting (BHBIA trained and certified teams)

Panel Quality

Quality of our global proprietary healthcare research panel is the result of stringent panel recruitment processes – our healthcare research panel is built on a foundation of medical education and scientific research, which highlights our penchant for quality. Our respondents pass through several rigorous, referencing and authentication protocols.

  • Proprietary panelist recruitment on an invitation-only basis
  • Panelist deduplication – to ensure zero respondent redundancy
  • Digital fingerprinting
  • License/NPI/ME number verification
  • Mobile Verification
  • Online and social media verification
  • Double opt-in
  • Continuous response monitoring via advanced tools and predictive algorithms

Panel Subspecialties

Access Respondents from Difficult to Reach Subspecialties with Ease

Allergy and Immunology





Family and Internal Medicine



Infectious Diseases

Neurology and Neuroscience

Oncology and Haematology





End-to-End Healthcare Market Research and Consultation Capability

To help accelerate your business and R&D efforts, we offer a full range of healthcare market research capabilities. Our services help global pharmaceuticals, healthcare research companies, and end-clients expand their reach with quality data and insights, end-to-end research, and reduced timelines and cost.

Full-service healthcare research capability

  • Survey Programming
  • Translations – Language support
  • Data Collection via various methods
  • Data processing
    • Data Cleansing
    • Data check – at multiple steps
    • Tabulation
    • Open end coding
    • Report generation
  • Custom panel recruitment and building
  • Long-term tracker studies
  • Incidence checks??
  • Syndicated research

Quantitative healthcare research capability

Delivering quantitative healthcare data when you need it and how you need it without compromising on quality from the most relevant audience.

  • Self-administered online surveys
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)
  • Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI)
  • Phone to Web – Online Surveys

Qualitative healthcare research capability

We use the latest digital technology to gather superior-quality data that is a mirror image of actual realities.

  • Moderation
  • Transcription
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Pre-Tests
  • TDI’s
  • Webcam In-depth interviews
  • Bulletin board recruitment
  • IDI’s
  • Online Focus group / Triad recruitment
  • CLT’s

Reliable Project Management Structure

Our experienced and trained project managers are aligned to cover all time zones across the globe.

  • Client service - 24/5 Support
  • Technical support programming and hosting (CATI/CAPI/CAWI)
  • Management and control of quantitative fieldwork
  • Management of qualitative studies by moderators
  • CATI centre for telephone interviewing