Borderless Access Panel Solutions provides access to experiences of engaged consumers, driven by Technology & Community Analytics. The consumers belong to hard-to-reach audiences & segments (Consumers, B2B & Specialist Audiences, including Healthcare) of the World's developed and rapidly growing economies, including BRICS, MINT, AP & MEA (currently 33 countries, and growing).

We have adopted industry best practices and enhanced it further to build a responsive, engaged & representative consumer community – our 5.11 million strong online & mobile panels. Insights from our high-quality proprietary panels help companies to plan their global business strategies more effectively.

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Online Panels Solutions

We provide access to consumer insights with our Online Panels that gives you the leading edge functionality and intuitive responses with superior flexibility. With over a decade’s experience in the research industry, we are experts in gauging the cultural sensitivities, challenges, and opportunities in each of the markets we operate in.

Borderless Access has the capabilities to create customized panels based on client and industry requirements. Download Panel book.

With our specialized panels, we provide access to hard-to-reach audiences & segments in rapidly growing markets of the world.

Business-to-Business Decision Makers

Profiled by Employee size, Designation, Occupation, Industry, and Organizational Revenue. Our B2B panel provides access to Decision Makers across different functions such as Sales and Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, and Strategy, including C-level respondents.

Information Technology

Profiled for Employee Size, Number of PCs, Designation, Occupation, Industry, and Annual Revenue of the company. Our panelists include Software Developers, Systems Managers, Software Engineers, Software Architects, IT Managers, Information Security Officers, CTOs, and CIOs.

Online Shoppers

Profiled for online shopping, their channel preferences, product set preferences, buying rate, purchase frequency and purchase size.


Mobile phone ownership and usage attributes include mobile brands, smartphone usage and more.


Type of air travel – business or leisure, travel frequency, class of air travel and more.


Profiled for the type of vehicle owned, two or four-wheelers, vehicle brand, segmented by – small, mid-sized, luxury and SUVs as well as old/new purchase.


Target based on financial details, decision-making criteria, online banking usage, financial products owned.

Mobile Panels Solutions

In a world where mobile usage is dominant, it is resourceful to have access to quality, genuine & responsive panels. Mobile devices are everywhere and they offer the potential to harvest data on consumer decision making as it happens. More importantly, Mobile technology allows researchers to get closer to the purchase decision makers and consumers of products & services.

Mobile surveys are completed at different times of the day as compared to online surveys. Does this mean they are more suitable for certain types of study?

Here are some interesting insights around mobile:

Borderless Access takes advantage of this device attachment with its dedicated mobile app for surveys and mobile panels, which allows it to communicate with people at any time facilitating the valuable exchange of information & consumer insights in context, in the moment and at the point of experience.

Our Mobile Data collection capabilities

Quality Parameters

All our panels are unbiased and a genuine representation of the country's population. We value your data security, privacy, and confidentiality and are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. Our quality checks run across the panelist lifecycle.

Triple Opt-in verification

All our panelists undergo triple opt-in verification

Multi-Modal verification

Panelists are Multi-modal verified across email, mobile and social media

Fraud Protection

Our proprietary management tool, SmartSight, filters fraudulent respondents by detecting masked IPs and proxy servers

Affiliate Verification

The affiliates & partners are thoroughly reviewed for their authenticity as well as their sources of inventory on web, social & mobile


To ensure a durable panelists’ lifespan in our community, we have a strong incentive system for proper & regular rewards to the panelists

Survey Frequency Controls

Limit the volume of surveys based on the panelist’s survey history & other parameters backed by our progressive panel management solution, 'SmartSight'

Ongoing Response Monitoring

Usage of highly-advanced tools and predictive algorithms that enable us to track the panelists who do not conform to our quality standards


The panelist's personal information is rendered confidential by all our terms & conditions.


Our consumer experience app notifies panelists regularly & makes it easier to take up surveys and improve their experience with us anytime-anywhere

Other Services

With Borderless Access, you can carry out your quantitative research, with total reliance on us to deliver quality data. If you would like to know more, you can connect with us here.